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Can I Run Crackdown 3

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Crackdown 3 game details

The specs for Crackdown 3 include a CPU of a Core i5 3470 or AMD FX-6300 with a 2 GB GeForce 750 Ti or Radeon R7 260X. If you have that welcome back to New Providence a place filled with corporate psychopaths, gangsters and butchers. From Reagent Games, this is the 3rd game in this popular open world series. Same as before, you play as a secret agent with incredible speed, agility and strength, with a range of other incredible powers. You are very proficient with firearms and vehicles, meaning every agent is fully prepared for any situation.

Here are the Crackdown 3 System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 / AMD FX-6300
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: 2 GB GeForce 750 Ti | Radeon R7 260X

Crackdown 3 Recommended Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 / AMD FX-8350
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: 4 GB GeForce 970 or GeForce 1060 / Radeon R9 290X or Radeon RX 480, 4GB RAM
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Will my computer be able to run Crackdown 3?

After a pretty rocky development stage for Crackdown 3, it seems like we are finally closing in on a confirmed launch date of sometime in February of 2019. The official system requirements for Crackdown 3 were posted on the Microsoft Store recently, so hopefully that means that they are just working out the last few bugs of a mostly finished product. The plot takes place 10 years after the story from Crackdown 2 when a terrorist attack leaves the planet without power. Now it is up to you and The Agency to fight back against the organization known as Terra Nova. While everybody desperately wanted this person to voice Doomfist in Overwatch, Terry Crews is the voice of Commander Jaxon, and he must lead the super-powered agents in an all out war to dismantle Terra Nova and restore power to the world. What kind of computer will you need to play Crackdown 3? It turns out that you’ll only need a midrange computer that is from the last 4-5 years.

After multiple delays to a game that was originally set to release way back in 2016, Microsoft has assured fans that the game is indeed coming. The biggest feature coming to Crackdown 3 is its massive level of potential destruction. When you’re signed into the game’s servers, virtually everything in the world can be destroyed, even more so than Battlefield 5. While this kind of feature may seem like it would require only the highest end computers, the developers have actually made use of cloud-based servers to handle the majority of these physics computations which heavily reduces the strain on your personal computer. This feature is not available when playing in offline mode so please be aware of that.

The minimum system requirements for Crackdown 3 are pretty high and are close to the same as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. For a video card, you’ll need at least a GeForce GTX 750Ti or a Radeon R7 260X. Alongside that, for CPU, you’ll be wanting at least a Core i5-3470 or an AMD FX-6300 which are definitely still considered midrange to almost upper-end for CPUs. In addition to this hardware, you’ll also need 8 GB of RAM just to pass the minimum requirement while most other games only need 4-6 GB for minimum specs. The amount of harddrive space needed to install on launch day has not yet been divulged, but most modern games need at least 40 GB.

While the recommended requirements are also higher than a lot of other games, Hitman 2 still has higher video card and CPU requirements. Crackdown 3 asks for a GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290X (or GeForce GTX 1060/Radeon RX 480). The GeForce GTX 970/Radeon R9 290X requirement is quickly becoming an industry standard for recommended requirements for big PC games so this isn’t too much of a surprise. If you move onto the recommended CPU requirement, we run into another industry standard - a Core i5-4690 or AMD FX-8350 are needed which are just about as common as requirements as the aforementioned GPU requirements. If the bulk of the environmental physics weren’t being handled by the cloud-based servers, you could expect to see a much, MUCH more intense requirement for CPU.

More information will be added to this article as it is released by the Crackdown 3 devs. Stay tuned!